The Organization

The West Side Business Association is a non-profit organization. It is governed by five officers: President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary, plus a board of directors comprised of twelve individuals. The board and officers are elected annually by the membership. Officers serve one-year terms and board members are normally selected for three-year terms. The board meets monthly and an open meeting for members is held in the Clydesdale Room at N.H. Scheppers (2300 St. Marys Blvd) on the 1st Wednesday of each month.

Advantages of Membership

The old example of a bundle of sticks being much stronger than one is the reason the organization was formed. Where there were only a handful of founding fathers, there are several hundred business and professional people on the west side. While there are many who belong to the association, there is a continual crop of new businesses and professionals moving into the area and changes of personnel. So, to give us the strongest voice possible, the association is always seeking new members or renewing past members. This certainly gives the individual members a voice in the civic affairs of the west side.

Membership Cost

  • Billing for annual dues will be in January of each year.
  • New membership dues will be prorated the first year.
  • Current annual dues: $50.00; each additional member $15.00
  • First-year membership: 50% of regular rate after July 1

Printable Membership Form